Water Main Replacement – Various Locations Queens NY

The project included the installation of 36-inch steel trunk mains, as well as valve-controlled interconnections between trunk and distribution mains, butterfly valves, insulated flanged joints, reinforced concrete chambers, and all related components. INFOTRAN, as a sub-consultant, provided Resident Engineering Inspection services to the New York City Department of Design & Construction (NYCDDC), for trunk water main installations at various locations in Queens, NY.

Info Tran provided senior construction inspectors with over 25 years of experience with this project to ensure the quality of construction and to see that the contractor conforms to all provisions of the contract documents. Responsibilities included detailed inspections of all components of the mains, on-site testing of construction and site materials, field measurements and data collection for monthly and final construction estimates, progress reports, and preparation of record plans.




New York, NY

Unique Attributes

Site Safety
Liaison with the local community
Claims Avoidance
Work zone traffic control