Rehabilitation of Willet Ave/Highland St. Bridges

The existing Willet Avenue Bridge is 64 feet long and the existing Highland Street bridge is 49 feet long. The current bridges are over 125 years old and are constructed with an open, steel deck-girder structure, sitting on gravity abutments. Both bridges are being replaced with a new ballasted deck steel girder superstructure and new micro pile foundations behind the existing abutments.

The general scope of work is to provide Construction Supervision and Inspection Services for the successful demolition and replacement of two under grade (railroad) bridges and one retaining wall.

As a subconsultant, INFOTRAN’s scope includes but is not limited to construction supervision, inspection, testing, emergency response, and other services to ensure the cost, schedule, quality, safety, and other criteria for this construction contract to be met.

Project Identification Number:184A




New York, NY

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