New Signal Modernization Project at Various Locations (System Wide)

Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) planned to install a modern computer-based signaling system along with a multitude of other significant upgrades on the Eighth Avenue A,C,E lines, which connects Manhattan’s west side with Brooklyn and various subway lines that interface with nearly every subway line throughout the system. Modern signaling allows more trains per hour to operate, increasing passenger capacity; providing improved and more reliable service; and making more efficient use of its track and car fleet. Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC) is more flexible than the current block signaling system as CBTC continuously updates train positions, distances, and travel speeds, allowing for faster and more efficient operations.

INFOTRAN as a sub-consultant provided Consultant Construction Management (CCM) services to the New York City Transit in the management of Resiliency Project during design, construction, and closeout phases of New Signal Modernization project at various location in New York. The Project was divided into 3 subcontracts with task of signal cable replacement in 192 locations, repair or replace airline piping at 145 locations, and modernization of signal stops across subway.

The scope of work included monitoring, cataloging and confirming the validity and currency of all the permits that are required to obtain, determine the adequacy of the contractor personal equipment and the availability of the materials and supplies to meet the schedule.

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New York, NY

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