CM/CI Services for Culver Line CBTC System

Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) is improving service and stations with the Culver Line Signal Modernization by:

  • Modernizing signals
  • Upgrading interlocking systems and equipment facilities
  • Making station repairs

Signal modernization involves improving two related parts of the system: the signaling equipment itself, and the interlocking equipment. This project will improve service along 4.7 route miles of subway track, across 12 subway stations.

INFOTRAN as a sub-consultant is providing Consultant Construction Management (CCM) services to the New York City Transit in the management of Resiliency Project during design, construction, and closeout phases of Signal System Modernization- Culver Line CBTC System Overlay. The Scope of work includes installation, testing, commissioning and recommissioning of the Auxiliary wayside Signal (AWS) system, Communications- based Train Control (CBTC) system, Solid State Interlocking (SSI) System, and other ancillary work such as civil, track, communication/fiber optic, power etc. under the culver (F) line CBTC system Overlay project.

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New York, NY

Unique Attributes

Construction Supervision
Electrical Inspection
Claims Control