Services For Replacement Of 12 Escalators At Five Locations

As part of the Capital Plan, the MTA’s accessibility project including five stations throughout the five boroughs highlights the Authority’s commitment to systemwide accessibility upgrade. According to this project, all the stations will be ADA compliant.

INFOTRAN, Engineers & Architects P.C. as a subconsultant will perform Consultant Construction Management and Inspection Services of E-30436 and E-30525. The scope of work includes replacement of 12 escalators per platform configuration. Each escalator will require one month of place-in-service inspections and testing. During construction, InfoTran team agrees to work with the Contractor to resolve any issues that arise with respect to phasing, construction work, and the timely performance of work in accordance with the stated time for performance of this Contract. InfoTran team will establish a timely, smooth, and cooperative relationship with the Contractors in meeting MTA C&D’s requests providing daily oversight for the Replacement of Twelve (12) Escalators at Five (5) Stations.

No. Station Name and Location:
1 ADA: High Street Station, 8th Ave Line, IND
2 ADA: Bowling Green Station, Lexington Line, IRT
3 ADA: Intervale Avenue Station, White Plains Line, IRT
4 ADA: Lexington Ave / 53rd St. Station, Queens BLVD Line, IND
5 ADA: Roosevelt Island Station, 63rd St. Line, IND




Five boroughs, NY

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