Intersection Improvement of Victory Boulevard & Clove Road

As a joint venture with JWP Engineering, P.C., under an ongoing agreement with the NYCDDC, INFOTRAN provided Resident Engineering Inspection Services on a Task Order Basis. For this specific Mini RFP, the project primarily focused on the widening of the intersection by extending the curbs to accommodate higher traffic volumes. The project site was located at a busy Intersection which is “Victory Boulevard & Clove Road” in Staten Island, New York, with an allocated budget of $4.5M.

The scope of work included but was not limited to:
• Removal of existing Trolley Tracks on Victory boulevard between Seneca Avenue and Grand Avenue.
• Installation of 720 feet of 20” water main on Victory boulevard between Ontario Avenue and Clove road.
• Installation of 33 feet of 15” storm sewer at the intersection of Victory Boulevard and Clove road.
• Installation of 1 Type A-1 Manhole & 8 Type 1 Catch Basins and connections.
• Installation of new curb and sidewalks which included the widening of portions of Victory boulevard between Seneca avenue and Grand avenue and the installation of 11 new Pedestrian Ramps.”




New York, NY

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