DCE Shop Component Repairs Phase 2 at 239th Street

This project aims to repair high-priority deficient components at three car equipment maintenance shops. Locations include East New York maintenance facility in Brooklyn, 239 Street maintenance facility in the Bronx and Concourse maintenance facility in the Bronx. INFOTRAN as a sub-consultant is providing CCM services to the New York City Transit for inspections and Scheduling/Estimating services.

The scope of the project includes but is not limited to:
• Performing daily surveillance and inspection service in compliance with construction contracts and preparing daily inspection reports for construction contractor’s labor force.
• Employing a special inspections and testing service agency for the special inspection category in coordination with the contractor’s work.
• Reviewing the construction contractor’s baseline schedule, distribution of cost loading and monthly CPM schedule update, and verification of the work completed by the construction contractor.
• To provide monthly critical path analyses and summary level bar chart schedules of key activities, written narratives highlighting monthly accomplishments, problem areas, recommended recovery plans, and corrective actions.




New York, NY

Unique Attributes

CPM Scheduling
Cost loading
Schedule and cost impacts