Code Cables Replacement between Broadway – 7th Ave Line

INFOTRAN, as a sub-consultant, was awarded the project for MTA-NYCT, to support the Authority in the management of construction and closeout phases for Code Cables Replacement, Broadway to 7th Avenue Line, Manhattan, from Wall Street to 103rd Street Station. The code cables on the 7th Avenue Line have deteriorated due to age, salt, steel dust, and water conditions (especially near splice joints) resulting in multiple service disruptions.

The scope of work includes but not limited to:

  • Replacing the existing code cables with armored fiber optic cables using the existing messenger
  • Installing fiber distribution panels and fiber optic cables
  • Furnish and install fiber optic cables on the existing signal messenger, trays, or ducts between signal rooms.
  • Furnish and install new fiber distribution panels in signal rooms and communications rooms as required.
  • Provide analysis of communication path’s security and reliability as furnished under this contract.
  • Identify and reserve all space required in Communication rooms with Communication Room Clearinghouse.
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New York, NY

Unique Attributes

Engineering Design
Document Control
Site Safety
Electrical Inspection
Life cycle Project