Replacement of Six Traction Elevators at 181st Street and 190th Street Station, A Line

INFOTRAN is providing CM/CI services for the replacement of six traction elevators of A line, in the Borough of Manhattan. The project comprises the installation of Instrumentation and Control (l&C) systems & associated electrical work, CCTV camera system, fire alarm system (FAS), fiber optic network equipment, associated mechanical work (air conditioners, heaters, hoist way ventilation system, etc.) and associated plumbing work (sump pumps, lavatories in machine room, etc.). The scope includes removal of existing elevator cabs, and structural repairs in the hoist way, machine room & battery room. The environmental aspects of the work include hazardous material surveys and ACM abatement.

INFOTRAN’s inspectors are executing the project plans and specifications for the installation, fabrication, erection and placement of components to ensure compliance with the contract documents, as required by The New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code (Uniform Code). INFOTRAN is also providing special inspection, material testing, review of the contractor’s baseline schedule, distribution of cost loading and monthly CPM schedule update, and verification of the work completed by the contractor.

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New York, NY

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