Construction Management Services For Mentoring Program

Under this project, the Construction Manager (“CM”) will serve as the SCA’s Agent in ensuring that all construction projects awarded through the Mentor program in an assigned geographic area are completed safely, timely and within budget in accordance with the SCA’s requirements. On any Project or Work as provided in the Agreement or contract documents to be executed between the SCA and the CM, the CM will provide the personnel (staffing) to plan, administer, manage and coordinate the work; develop construction schedules and estimates; solicit bids/proposals, evaluate contractors and sub-consultant (s); provide general conditions including testing; perform hazardous material remediation and asbestos abatement, and perform demolition and construction in support of the SCA’s Mentor Program. INFOTRAN as a sub-consultant is designated to support NYCSCA’s Construction Management Services for Mentoring Program in New York City.

The INFOTRAN team will provide support services during the construction phase. Conduct daily inspections of the work performed by contractors and subcontractors to assure the work complies with the contract documents; advise the SCA of any discovered deficiencies or defaults and prepare “Exception Reports”. Prepare and submit daily reports. Monitor and coordinate the timely performance by contractors or subcontractors of correction of defective Work




Five boroughs, NY

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