Richmond Valley Road – Storm and Sanitary Sewer Installation

INFOTRAN, as a sub-consultant to a major firm providing Construction Management, Supervision on this major New York City Department of Design and Construction (NYC DDC) capital construction project along Richmond Valley Road in Staten Island. The scope of work included water main and sewer replacements, removal, and replacement of catch basins, road base and asphalt roadway replacements, full-depth repair of reinforced concrete roadway, sidewalk and curb replacements, tree removal & tree plantings, traffic and street lighting installations, and pavement markings. Info Tran’s field staff included inspectors and community liaison personnel with extensive experience in water main installations, excavation, trench protection, maintenance, and protection of traffic in high-traffic urban settings, and others as needed to cover all construction activities




New York, NY

Unique Attributes

Site Safety
Liaison with the local community
Claims Avoidance
Work zone traffic control