207th Street Facility Maintenance and Overhaul Shop Roof Repair and Replacement

The 207th Street Yard is in Northern Manhattan, adjacent to the Harlem River. The yard is the main storage for the rolling stock on the A & C Lines. INFOTRAN as a sub consultant is providing Consultant Construction Management services to MTA-NYCT under the Resiliency Project Long Term Mitigation 207th St Roof maintenance in Manhattan during the construction and closeout phases of the project to be performed pursuant to the Authority’s planned Contract C-34849 for construction in accordance with NYCT Project Management Procedures (PMPs) and Project Management Guidelines (PMGs).

The scope of work includes providing environmental inspection, MEP inspections and project controls services for various construction activities. The contract responsibilities include reviewing contractor and subcontractor and other vendors compliance with environmental regulations, MTA Project Management Guidelines and Procedures, and contract specification documents, monitoring the installation of roofs, conducting site inspections, submittal reviews, and providing guidance to the contractor on various roofing construction activities.




New York, NY

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