REI Services for Distribution of Water Main Extension/Replacement at Various Locations, Citywide NY

INFOTRAN as a sub consultant, provided Resident Engineering Inspection Services to the New York City Department of Design & Construction (NYCDDC), for distribution of Water Main  Extension/Replacements, New Buildings at various locations in Boroughs of Manhattan and Citywide, NY.

The scope of work includes but is not limited to:
• Distribution of Water Main Extension/ Replacements and Sanitary Sewer system
• Removal and replacement of catch basins, road base and asphalt roadway replacements, full depth repair of reinforced concrete roadway, sidewalk and curb replacements, tree removal & tree plantings, traffic and street lighting installations, and pavement markings
• INFOTRAN’s field staff included inspectors and community liaison personnel with extensive experience in water main installations, excavation, trench protection, maintenance, and protection of traffic in high-traffic urban settings, and others as needed to cover all construction activities.
• The INFOTRAN team also provided senior construction inspectors with over 25 years of experience to the project to ensure the quality of construction and made sure that the contractor conformed to all provisions of the contract documents. Responsibilities included detailed inspections, field measurements and data collection for estimation.

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New York, NY

Unique Attributes

Resident Engineering Inspector
Project Coordination
Schedule Control