Installation of Sidewalks and Curbs

As a JV venture with JWP Engineering, P.C., under the ongoing agreement with the NYCDDC, INFOTRAN provided Resident Engineering Inspection Services on a Task Order basis for HWS2018M which included installation of sidewalks, adjacent curbs, and pedestrian ramps as necessary in various locations, Borough of Manhattan to NYCDDC.

The project entailed construction of new sidewalks, pedestrian ramps, and steel-faced curbs at various locations throughout Manhattan. The most critical component of the project was to ensure that all newly constructed pedestrian ramps complied with Americans with Disabilities Act regulations. INFOTRAN team performed the following

  • Conducted Pre-Construction Surveys of estimated 243 proposed locations.
  • Inspected, supervised, managed, coordinated, and administered the project, so the required construction work is properly executed and completed in a timely fashion.
  • Compacted testing of sidewalk foundation material every two weeks.
  • Installed of steel-faced curb, sidewalks, etc.




New York, NY

Unique Attributes

Regulatory Compliance
Preconstruction survey