GOSR Structural Inspections & Flood Elevation Work Orders

The scope of this project is to conduct a general, non-destructive inspection of observable existing conditions of the structural integrity of  residential properties in Suffolk & Nassau Counties, NY to determine if the houses appear to be structurally safe, and meet safe sanitary conditions through professional judgment and to ensure the building complies New York City structural standards.

INFOTRAN provided Structural Inspection services for Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery (GOSR). The purpose of the inspection was to conduct a general visual inspection of the structural elements of the residence and to give our professional opinions on whether these elements appear to be in good shape at the time of the inspection, or in need of repair. Our team conducted a general, non-destructive inspection of existing elements for structural integrity and to determine if the houses appear to be safe and sound. Detailed assessment of structural design, framing of the residence etc., that are not observable at the time of visual inspection were beyond the scope of the work. The elements of the house included in scope of the inspection, if present and applicable, include foundation, primary load-carrying framing members, roof surface, water- penetration, and miscellaneous items related to the house. A summary report including a brief description of the residence, condition of the house during the visual inspection, conclusion, and recommendations was provided.

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Suffolk & Nassau Counties, NY

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