Cypress Hills Boiler Replacement

NYCHA’s Cypress Hills Houses Capital Plus Boiler & Water Heater Replacement project calls for the replacement of steam-to-hot water heat exchangers with two condensing type gas-fired hot water heaters and storage tanks at each building.

As a subconsultant, INFOTRAN. is providing boiler and hot water heater commissioning support to NYCHA. As a commissioning agent, INFOTRAN provides an independent review to assess whether systems are installed and will operate as designed. This commissioning plan overview serves as a guide and addresses the systems, subsystems, equipment, and components in the boiler plant systems and domestic hot water systems. The scope includes but is not limited to

  • Providing project-specific construction checklists and commissioning process test procedures.
  • Verifying the execution of commissioning process activities, equipment submittals, training, operating and maintenance data, tests, and test reports to verify compliance with the owner’s project requirements using random sampling.
  • Preparing and maintaining Issues Log.
  • Witness systems, assemblies, equipment, and component startup.
  • Compile test data, inspection reports, and certificates.
  • Review operation and maintenance training program developed by the Contractor. Verify training plans provide qualified instructors to conduct operation and maintenance training.
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New York, NY

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