Structural Engineering Consulting

INFOTRAN provided a Structural Engineer to assist and support the Assistant Chief Facilities Officer (ACFO) for projects in the MTA Bus Company (MTABC) Area. In this role,  the structural engineer planned and designed detail drawings, developed specifications, reviewed consultant design projects, inspected and resolved emergency operational projects. For each project, INFOTRAN’s crew was responsible for submittal logs, shop drawing checks, as-built checks, and other required tasks. In this position, our team maintained and checked all standard codes in relation to the project.

The scope of work included:
• Performing structural design work; developing and executing the phasing plan; and reviewing and/or tracking multi-million-dollar projects for in-house design or consultant design.
• Reviewing and approving shop drawings.
• Reviewing in-progress design drawings and specifications.
• Maintaining communication and supporting the interchange of information between MTABC and other agencies involved with the project.




New York, NY

Unique Attributes

Shop Drawings
Design Review
Structural Steel Drawings