2020 Interagency Ventilation Walkthrough for NYCSCA

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, 1498 NYC Public School buildings were to be visited through September, 1st 2020, to verify airflow within each of the occupiable spaces within the building. Of the 1498 buildings, 100 were surveyed by the SCA and 1398 buildings were surveyed by SCA consultants.
InfoTran teamed up as a sub-consultant with Gannett Fleming who was one of the Prime consultants for the SCA. InfoTran provided two Engineers for the SCA’s time-sensitive project.

The scope of work included:

• Surveying the ventilation systems of the school including the windows, supply fan, exhaust fan, unit vents in all the occupiable spaces in the schooling facility.
• Reporting ventilation systems conditions to the SCA

The goal of the Project was to assist the SCA in finding out the efficiency of the ventilation system to decide if the school could be reopened in the challenging pandemic environment.

Project ID#198-20




New York, NY

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Ventilation Inspection