Flood Mitigation at St. George Terminal, Staten Island

The St. George Terminal is located in the Southern terminal of the Staten Island Ferry. It runs only to the Whitehall terminal on the southern tip of Manhattan near Battery Park. The primary goal of the project is to protect the terminal station/ yard, tunnel and other facilities from flooding conditions of the surrounding areas that may result from any storm, heavy rainfall and storm surge as per design flood elevation of St. George Terminal. The tasks shall be performed in accordance with NYCT’s Project management Procedures (PMPs) and Project Management Guidelines (PMGs). 

INFOTRAN is serving as a sub-consultant providing Consultant Construction Management (CCM) services to the New York City Transit.

The scope of the project includes management of Resiliency project during design, construction, and closeout phases of Flood Mitigation of St. George terminal in the borough of Staten Island. The job includes:

• Demolition of existing fence, asphalt, concrete pavement and curb and sidewalks
• Soil excavation and disposal
• Construction of Flood walls, gates, doors, and deployable walls
• Drainage system modification
• Relocation and Protection of existing utilities like light fixtures and security cameras and third rail and signal protection at deployable wall locations.

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New York, NY

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