CCM Services for Rehabilitation of Joralemon Tube

The Joralemon Tube is an under-river tube on the IRT line connecting Bowling Green Station in the Borough of Manhattan and the Borough Hall Station in the Borough of Brooklyn. INFOTRAN served as a sub-consultant and provided Construction Management (CCM) services on the $15 million project.

The scope of the project included but was not limited to:
• Review of constructability, phasing, sequencing, staging, interdisciplinary coordination, construction methods & materials and Site safety
• Review compliance with the required scope of work, design guidelines, NYCT Operations, Rules and Regulations and Buy America provisions of the Contract
• Inspection of Chemical grouting, tunnel lighting, radio antenna installation, removal of abandoned cables from duct benches and installation of FDNY sound power telephones.
• Avoidance of possible conflicts and overlapping jurisdiction among the Subcontractors performing Work for the Project, including recommended solutions for the elimination of such conflicts or overlaps, inconsistencies, problems, delays and change orders during the construction process
• Developing a detail coordination plan such that Contractor for the contract and the Contractors for the Construction Contract coexist to progress the construction without negatively impacting other works

Project ID#0093-16




New York, NY

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