Building Condition Assessment Survey (BCAS) of NYC Schools

The School Construction Authority (SCA)’s mission is to design and construct safe, attractive, and environmentally sound public schools for  children throughout the many communities of New York City. The scope  include assessment services for various locations in NY involving PNA and Comprehensive Inspections in the areas of building envelope (exterior),  interior (Structural, Electrical, Mechanical, HVAC, Plumbing, Vertical Transportation and Fire Life Safety Systems) and transportable/ temporary units in accordance with the NYCDOB Standards.

As a subconsultant, INFOTRAN, performed building condition assessment of approximately 1500 schools and school facilities for the New York City School Construction Authority /Department  of Education (SCA/DOE). The  project objective was to provide  SCA/DOE with a Capital Plan to maintain its building assets in a state of good  repair for many years to come. Assessments were made for site areas, building  envelope (exterior), interior and transportable/ temporary units. Site inspection included paved and unpaved surfaces, landscape, site drainage, lighting,  playgrounds, street furniture, elevators, generators etc. Building inspections  include all exterior and interior components such as façade, roof, stairs, structure, doors, windows and finishes, electrical, and mechanical systems.  Inspections for electrical systems included building site and exterior security lighting, communication and security systems including CCTV, generators,  intrusion alarms, remote annunciators, panic switches, ultrasonic sensors. All the reports and inspection data were available to SCA through a secure web access

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New York, NY

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