Traffic Data Collection at LaGuardia Airport

INFOTRAN as a sub-consultant has provided Traffic Data Collection services to the PANYNJ at LGA airport, Queens. The scope of work included traffic counts using Automatic Traffic Recorder (ATRs), Turning Movement Counts (TMCs) using MioVision Cameras, travel time runs and performing physical inventories at designated locations.

ATR traffic counts were recorded for two weeks for every 15-minute interval at 23 locations. Turning movements of vehicles at 28 intersections were recorded on one weekday each during two-week survey period. Travel time ran (6-9 runs per route) were recorded using GPS loggers for four routes and physical inventories were performed at 9 intersections to record the geometry of the location, number of lanes, lane widths, parking regulations, signal timings etc. ATR and TMC data were reduced to TIMS and TDMS format as per Port Authority guidelines.

The ATR data was post processed to determine the peak hour. Vehicle Turning Movement counts were then manually counted using the Miovision videos at locations determined by the client during the peaks with vehicle classification for analysis. Also, HD cameras were used at four weaving locations along Westbound Grand Central Parkway. Pedestrian & Bicycle video recording was performed at the first three (3) locations and Pedestrians & Bicycles was manually counted on-site at Location 4 during the timeframe.

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New York, NY

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