Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning

INFOTRAN provided traffic data collection and warrant analysis for NJDOT. Agreement included bicycle and pedestrian project reviews to ascertain compliance with NJDOT Bike/Ped Policy and Guidelines.

The scope of the project included but was not limited to:
• Collecting ATR Counts, TMC 14-hour counts, physical inventory at the designated locations to determine the peak 4-hour and 1-hour pedestrian crossing volumes.
• Performing warrant analyses and providing a memorandum to findings using the collected traffic data. Also converting data into NJDOTs NJ TMS format for upload.
• Performing concept development studies to identify solutions to bicycle and pedestrian access and safety needs and opportunities involving State System roadways for the purpose of initiating capital improvements or traffic engineering and operational improvements to remedy or mitigate the problem.
• Developing and presenting technical meeting materials, policy papers and procedure guidelines as requested.
• Preparing and submitting final report in electronic and paper formats.
• Co-ordinating and conducting traffic counts and pedestrian signal warrant analyses for 20 midblock locations selected based on prioritization methodology. These 20 potential midblock crossing locations are located along US, NJ State Highway and County Routes. These locations are distributed over 11 counties in Northern, Central and Southern New Jersey.




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