Final Design FDR Drive 42nd Street to 49th St.

The bridge on the FDR NB starting near E 42nd St and ending near E 50th St was built in 1985. It is 2,093 feet long & varying width from 5’ 9” to 17’ 3” and has 119 spans with a total deck area of around 32,025 sq. feet. This structure carries only the right shoulder lane of FDR NB and it has only 1.6 feet sidewalk on the right. This bridge superstructure system consists of a continuous reinforced concrete bulkhead wall supported by relieving platform system and runs longitudinally with the bridge, steel cantilever floor beams (cap beams), steel stringers, and reinforced concrete deck.

INFOTRAN as a sub consultant was responsible for the Bridge Design Engineering service which included

  • Evaluation of Bridge deck and adjacent pavement.
  • Assisting in finalizing the design alternatives
  • Providing recommendations based on the traffic requirements.
  • Attending value engineering meetings and providing structural engineering recommendations to the team.
  • Rehabilitation of the relieving platform and timber piles supporting the seawall and Northbound FDR Drive.
  • Performing load rating calculations for the state-owned highway bridge.
Project ID#0082-15.2




New York, NY

Unique Attributes

Traffic Data Collection
Crash Analysis
Capacity Analysis