ESA Services – BQE Mobility Evaluation Tool

The Brooklyn-Queens Expressway Mobility Evaluation Tool (BQE-MET) a comprehensive traffic modeling and analysis platform was designed to assess a range of planning proposals and potential maintenance and protection of traffic (MPT) plans for the rehabilitation and/or replacement of the cantilever spans of the BQE and related changes to the highway system in Brooklyn and Queens, including the Belt Parkway. The BQE-MET served as a robust traffic data repository for relevant information of the existing operations of the roadway networks in Brooklyn and Queens, including counts, travel times, origin-destination patterns, bus transit routes and geometric and signal timing characteristics. This traffic data repository supports the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and Design Approval Document (DAD) related work. INFOTRAN as a sub-consultant to a major firm provided traffic modeling services. 

The scope of the project included but is not limited:
• Data collection including Turning movement counts, ATR counts, Travel Time data, Public transit information, Parking and street restrictions, Field observations, AVL, Origin/Destination data, Lane utilizations (reversible, HOV, etc.)
• The network development outlined the methodology for building the Aimsun network  used for calibration. This was used to outline the key data points to be imported, the time periods for the model, the method for creating and checking the network and the work plan to allow for 3 to 4 separate teams to work on different areas model at the same time and combine the models by taking advantage of the revisions functionality in Aimsun.




New York, NY

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