Rehabilitation of Harlem River Drive Ramp to GWB

This project is for the rehabilitation and/or replacement of the HRD Ramp to GWB (Trans-Manhattan Expwy (195) Connector Ramp) over Harlem River Dr. SB in the High Bridge area of Manhattan. This ramp structure was originally built in 1930 with subsequent reconstruction during the 1950s. Its most recent interim rehabilitation took place in 2014 which consisted of underdeck repair. It has 55 spans, 14 steel spans and 41 reinforced concrete spans, for a total length of 2,080 ft. and deck area round 118,560 sq. ft. This structure carries a total of four lanes of traffic with an overall width of 57ft. Over the years, this 75-year old connector ramp has experienced a significant increase in daily traffic. This increment has contributed to numerous structural deficiencies throughout its existing members. For instance, some of its structural components have cracked, spalled, and undergone large section losses causing its overall rating to below accordingly. The purpose of this project is to provide a safer structure and to extend its service life.

INFOTRAN as a sub-consultant is providing Traffic Data Collection services, collecting applicable transportation data that includes traffic, transit, pedestrian, bicycle on the bridge, adjacent intersections, and all pedestrian elements to provide Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT), Design Hour Volume (DHV) and Directional Design Hour Volume (DDHV), providing traffic and pedestrian balanced flow maps for each analysis peak hours





New York, NY

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