INFOTRAN Welcomes Razvan Carlan, RA as a Sr. Architect / Design Director.

INFOTRAN, a rapidly growing customer-centric engineering and architectural firm certified as an MBE/DBE, is excited to welcome Razvan Carlan, RA, to our team as a Senior Architect and Director of Design. With his extensive experience, Mr. Carlan will play a pivotal role in enhancing our architectural services and supporting our Architectural and Facilities Design group. He will collaborate closely with our team on project execution, strategic planning, and our ongoing business expansion efforts, particularly in transportation and public facilities projects.

Mr. Carlan brings over four decades of professional expertise in architecture, engineering, construction, and rehabilitation across a diverse spectrum of transportation and public facilities, including educational and housing projects throughout the New York Metropolitan Area. His reputation as a leading architect is well-established, with a proven track record of excellence in designing transit and educational facilities. Mr. Carlan’s hands-on, solution-driven, and pragmatic approach to architectural design will not only continue to inspire his new team but also nurture the next generation of architects and designers under his mentorship.

Mr. Carlan is a Licensed Architect in NY & NJ and has a master’s degree in Architecture. His representative experience includes projects such as the MTA New York City Transit Enhanced Station Initiative (ESI) Program where he was the Project Manager/Architect, Visual Quality Deputy Manager for the design of three subway stations in Brooklyn (Package 1), three subway stations in the Bronx and Manhattan (Package 8), and Sandy Recovery & Resiliency project for Fan Plants. He also served as a Sr. Project Architect for NYSTA’s Interchange Maintenance Complex.

Mr. Razvan will further INFOTRAN’s mission to “build for the benefit of all” while being globally conscious when providing expert and quality architectural services.

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